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Alexis Atwill



Height: 5'5

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel Green

Live Performance

Ada/Ava                                       Puppeteer                           Manual Cinema                                         Artistic Collective 


Hansel & Gretel                          Puppeteer                           Manual Cinema                                        Drew Dir 

Oregon, Saratoga Springs          

Ada/Ava Netherlands,                Puppeteer                           Manual Cinema                                       Artistic Collective

Belgium, Czech Republic 

Ada/Ava                                        Puppeteer                           Manual Cinema                                        Julia Miller 


We are a Lighthouse                   Devising Ensemble            Links Hall                                                  Lindsey Barlag Thornton 


3rd Coast Radio                           Puppeteer                             Manual Cinema                                    Julia Miller, Drew Dir


Monday or Tuesday                    Puppeteer                           Manual Cinema                                       Julia Miller 


Prolific as...AKA                            Devising Ensemble            Genesis Project                                       Alexis Atwill


This...                                             Devising Ensemble            Links Hall                                                 Lindsey Barlag Thornton


Back & Forth                                 Woman 2                          Tympanic Theatre                                    Daniel Caffrey 


Choke                                             Alexis                                 Tympanic Theatre                                    L. Barlag Thornton & A. Dunne Acevedo


No Message in the Message       Jennifer                             The Gift Theatre                                       Laura Baker


We Are the Things of Ghosts      Ensemble                         Copernicus Center                                    Lindsey Barlag Thornton


Awakening                                     Ensemble                         Mozawa                                                      Matthew Ozawa


One Minute Play Festival            Ensemble                         Victory Gardens                                         Lili-Anne Brown


We Are the Things of Ghosts     Ensemble                         Art Institute Thesis Project                       Lindsey Barlag Thornton


Oakton High Homecoming        Fang/Carrie                      Chicago Dramatists Reading                   Josh Sobel 


Fallen                                             Mother Shadow               Mozawa                                                     Matthew Ozawa


Phenomena                                  Jenna Lavin                      Genesis Ensemble                                    Lindsey Barlag Thornton

All Rise                                           Solar Plexus                     Walkabout Theatre                                  Melissa McNamara

Absolute Hell                                Bill                                      The Gift Theatre                                      Sheldon Patinkin

All Girl Moby Dick Wkshp           Flask/Ensemble                the Mammals                                          Bob Fisher


Lonesome West - Extension      Girleen                              The Gift Theatre                                       Sheldon Patinkin


One Minute Play Festival           Ensemble                          Victory Gardens                                       Erica Weiss


Down to This                                Donna                               Route 66 Reading Series                        Brian LaDuca 


The Wedding Reception             Zmeyukhina                     Saint Sebastian Players                          James Palmer


Death of a Salesman                   Jenny/Letta                      The Raven Theatre                                 Michael Menendian


Mouse in a Jar                               Zosia                                Fresh Eyes/Red Tape Theatre               Will Davis


Iowa Akhbar                                  Shannon                         Leapfest at Stage Left                             Erica Weiss


Amadeus                                       Theresa                            FSU Mainstage                                        Geoffrey Kershner


Guernica Project                          Ensemble                         Lab Theatre                                             Geoffrey Kershner


Marat/Sade                                   Mad Animal                     Lab Theatre                                             Matthew Burgos


An Adult Evening of

            Shel Silverstein                Ensemble                          La Cosa Nostra                                       Patrick Regan Davis


Sister Mary Ignatius

             Explains It All                   Diane                                 La Cosa Nostra                                      Patrick Regan Davis



The Studio                                   Lead                                MindArtCore                                          Chris Bashen

You're So Talented                    Supporting                      Our Names are Sam                             Samantha Bailey

Rubberband                                Lead                                Kentalago Productions                        Aaron Pagel        

Sit Down Comedy                      Lead                                 ASC Film Lab                                         Stephen Cone

By Any Other Name                  Supporting                      Play on Productions                            Dave Midell

The Names Have

           Been Changed                  Lead                                FSU Film School                                    April Lamb

CHASED                                         Lead                                FSU Film School                                   Arturo Yepez

Riding Alone                                 Lead                                FSU Film School                                   Michael Lockridge

Training & Workshops
Special Skills

Intermediate Fiddle


Basic Guitar - Enough to be Dangerous

Movement Consultant


Viewpoints and Somatic Movement Training


Muppet, Ballet and Jazz Dance


Intermediate Pilates


Trained in Unarmed Stage Combat


Experienced Horseback Rider - Tennessee Walking Horses


Doodler Extraordinaire


Valid Passport and Drivers License

Pig Iron Theatre Workshop

          Moving Making Workshop - Physical Approach to Creation

          Alex Torres & Melissa Krodman


mind art core pilates performance

          Somatic Movement - Melissa McNamara


Vagabond School

          Viewpoints Review - Jon Berry


Acting Studio Chicago

        Film Lab - Stephen Cone

        Raising the Bar and Film Audition - Jane Alderman

        Master Scene Study Class, Monologues - Kurt Naebig

        Devising Workshop - Nathan Allen


Black Box Acting Studio

        B-1 Human Behavior - Laura Hooper, Jesse Fisher


School at Steppenwolf, Class of 2010

        Viewpoints - Jon Berry, Tina Landau

        Mesiner - Amy Morton, Ann Adams

        On Camera - Jane Alderman

        Improv - Sheldon Patinkin, Michael Patrick Thornton

        Monologues - K. Todd Freeman, Bob Mason, Adam Belacuore

        Text Analysis - Kimberly Senior


Theatre Academy London at FSU Study Centre - Mark Wheatley, Patsy Rodenberg


BA from the School of Theatre at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida


Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida

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