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Story Based Marketing Enthusiast

In my marketing career, my goal is to tell your customer why your company matters with narratives about company culture and the challenges you solve with your services or product.


We will ensure that your company maintains respectability and integrates traditional methods while taking advantage of digital tools like social media, email marketing, and more. 

By leveraging the information gathered by the sales and operations teams in a customer relationship management system (like Salesforce or Hubspot), we can identify your target audience, tailor content, and develop strategies to reach and convert them into loyal customers. 


Telling the story of your company, reaching business development goals, and having fun are within reach when we work together. 

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How I Add Value 

I understand that a company doesn't simply sell a product or services. They offer solutions to customer challenges. At the end of the day, a customer wants to understand how a service or product will solve their problem. 

Creative Spin

With my background in the arts, I always approach the product from a different angle. Whether through copy, visual, or video content we will find a way to capture attention in new ways while maintaining a professional attitude. 


Online or in real life, I am dedicated to reaching your future enthusiasts using an integrated marketing plan that uses digital and traditional channels. By working together with operations and sales, we can build a plan that works across the company. I thrive in a team environment. 

Diverse Toolkit

Salesforce, Canva, Sprout, Piktochart, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia, iMovie...My experience with diverse tools give me the ability to create and manage strategic content. And if I haven't worked with a tool before, I have a history of teaching myself new skills! 

Uncover the Story

My superpower is uncovering stories. Working alongside subject matter experts in your speciality, we can discover the story that helps sell your product or service to your desired audience. I can look at the whole picture and reveal a compelling narrative about why your company matters. 

What I'm Looking For

I'm interested in opportunities as a marketing coordinator, content creator, strategist, marketing manager, internal communications, or digital marketing specialist.


I can help you communicate with your audience through strategic story based marketing.

Are you a small business owner looking for contract digital marketing support? I can help! Check out Digital Footprint Creation.

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