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Content Portfolio

Creating content that reaches across channels is key, whether it is an image, video, article, or event.  Each contact with a customer is an opportunity. We can leverage content to tell the story of how a company solves problems for clients. 

These are some examples of my content work - articles, videos (including gifs!) and images.

Do you want to work together to create content? Learn more about me using the links below. 

Writing Samples 

In my career, I have had the opportunity to write articles, press releases, text graphics, and email messages to customers. Below are four examples of my content writing for corporate America. My goal is always to communicate the message - and when applicable, do it in a creative and fun way.



Creating videos for email campaigns, social media, and website is always a blast. Discovering the story and sharing the message is a collaborative effort. In the majority of these, I worked with subject matter specialists to write, shoot, and edit these videos. 

In some of these videos, I also completed the voice over narration! 

Images are important across digital mediums. With our audiences having such short attention spans and inundated with information, sometimes an image captures and communicates best. 

These images either conveyed the entire message or were intended to send the viewer to a more in depth information source. 

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