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The Studio is a web series created by Curls Productions. You can see all the episodes online. This is my favorite. 

THIS...a new devised performance


Links Hall Feb. 2016

IN>TIME 16 Performance Festival

Directed by: Lindsey Barlag Thornton

Created & Performed with Amanda Dunne Acevedo, Alexis Atwill, 
Jon Penick, Corey Smith & Udita Upadhyaya
technical direction by Margaret L. Nelson

We Are A LightHouse is a 90 minute interdisciplinary performance that premiered at Links Hall as part of the Set Free

Residency curated by Jessica Marasa in 2017.

Directed by Lindsey Barlag Thornton

Music Composition by Corey Smith

Created by Amanda Dunne Acevedo, Alexis Atwill, Jordan Harris, Jasmine Jordan, Ethan Parcell, Jon Penick, Audrey Polanski, Izah Ransohoff, Corey Smith & Udita Upadhyaya



Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 4:07 min


This was filmed in The Daily Bar and Grill in Lincoln Square, Mind Art Core Pilates/Performance  and the El in Chicago.

We Are The Things of Ghosts


Year of production: 2014


This is a performance piece directed by Lindsey Barlag Thornton and devised by myself, Alison Auwerda, Jonathan Monroe-Cook and Tongyu Zhao for Lindsey's thesis at the Art Institute in Chicago.


This was revised and remounted in the Fall of 2014 at the Copernicus Center in Jefferson Park. 

Sit Down Comedy


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 11:09 minutes


This is a project from a film class film for Stephen Cone at The Acting Studio Chicago. It was a wonderful class where we learned to devise film through creating characters and discovering story. My character is quiet in this film, but I feel that her story comes across in the moments she crosses through the scene.

Cold Kiss: Beso Frio


This promotional video for Cold Kiss features actors from our School at Steppenwolf class of 2010 in a Viewpoints session. One of our classmates, Yuenen Pardo is working to create a feature length film in which scenes will use this method of movement to further the story.


It was filmed in Downtown Chicago. Our audience were startled bystanders. It was an incredible summer evening in 2013.

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